What is a Zoning Letter?

Zoning is the process of dividing land in a municipality into zones, such as “residential” or “commercial,” whereas certain land uses are permitted or prohibited. Zoning is a technique of land-use planning to help bring order to a place and ensure everyone follows rules.

In real estate, there’s such a thing as a “zoning letter.” Specifically, a municipal zoning letter is a legal document which informs commercial property owners, lenders and prospective buyers of zoning laws related to the particular property in question. It takes into account the past history of the site as well as current zoning codes set forth by the municipality. The purpose of a zoning letter is to identify current legal uses on a particular property based on the current zoning.

What can you expect to find in a zoning letter? There’s a general description of the zoning district, with references to applicable zoning and development standards for that district. You’re also going to see zoning history, especially as it relates to current zoning entitlements. Zoning letters might also include information regarding legal land uses as well as a copy of the zone map and associated documents concerning regulations for the zoning site. Note: a zoning letter does not verify compliance or certify legal non-conforming status.

Why does someone need a zoning letter? Well, zoning laws are always important for every commercial real estate transaction. Prior to the transaction completion, “zoning due diligence” is required. Therefore, the zoning letter is part of the overall zoning research and subsequent analysis. It’s important to know all about current zoning requirements.

Reliable Lien Search of Florida offers zoning letter services. There’s a processing fee involved, as well as city, county and/or third party fees in order to expedite requests. Invoices need to be paid 30 days from the order date or at closing– whichever comes first. Note: invoices are billed separate from other services, and they’re not included in a wash agreement.

Reliable Lien Search is a company which grew by referrals. Providing a supporting role in the real estate industry, Reliable Lien Search focuses on service, reliability, accuracy, and promptness. If and when you need a zoning letter and/or other key items, like a HOA Estoppel Letter or a Municipal Lien Search, don’t hesitate to contact us at 866-717-5120.

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