Support is an easy word to say. However, our staff has the experience and knowledge to sustain it. Starting with Brenda, co-owner and general manager of all daily operations, a licensed Title Agent who has worked in all areas of title. Our other team members compose of real-estate paralegals, real-estate brokers, Mortgage & Title Processors.

Although we have built a reputation by providing the most professional and informative Municipal Lien Search report in the state of Florida, at our clients’ requests we have diversified into other areas of title support such as:

  • Processing HOA Estoppel Certificates
  • Closing Open/Expired Permits
  • Correcting and Complying with Municipal Code Violations
  • Property Land Surveys

Over 60% of our clients have been personally referred to us by another customer and our client retention is over 90%. Our work has been recognized and endorsed by many underwriters such as Fidelity, Stewart and Chicago.

We pride ourselves in adjusting to the recent economic and real-estate challenges our nation has faced and have grown to be one of the leaders within our industry.

Reliable, Convenient and Guaranteed. Experience the Difference.